More Technical Competencies

Program management 

Technical talent is only one component of executing a successful project. Knowledge of contracting requirements, deliverables, accounting, milestones, and removing barriers are just some of the additional components required to execute a successful project. MIKEL has decades of experience executing technical programs and can ensure your goals are met by our projects.

Computer modeling and simulation

Our age of digitization and information has afforded us rapid prototyping via computing modeling and simulation. MIKEL has extensive expertise in developing various computational models and simulations for complex signal processing, cybersecurity, ocean acoustics, and operator training.

Signal processing

MIKEL has classical, statistical, and array signal processing expertise in various applications pertaining to acoustic communications, beamforming, and acoustic transduction.

Power Electronics

Expertise that was initially developed for MIKEL’s SANS project, is now a core competency. MIKEL’s engineers have developed numerous analog power electronics to supply, condition, amplify, filter, and deliver energy for acoustic transduction.

Process analysis and improvement using six sigma methodologies 

Efficiency is a hallmark advantage of a small company. MIKEL takes great pride in improving its processes and the processes of its customers to increase efficiency.

Technical writing

MIKEL offers extensive technical writing expertise in the areas of product documentation, proposal writing, and technology functional descriptions. 

Operator Training

Having many former Navy officers and enlisted staff, MIKEL understands the criticality of Navy training and the process of curriculum development. MIKEL authors and supports Navy training software that is deployed on Navy submarines and has developed novel software packages to improve instructor training.