Testing and Evaluating

Test and Evaluation (T&E) is a critical component of any product development effort. MIKEL has decades of T&E experience testing USN Navy Combat Systems. MIKEL’s realtime portable Submerged Navigation Tracking System is currently deployed at several locations around the world. Use of the system consistently allows the USN to realize reduced test and evaluation operational costs and increased flexibility over that provided by fixed installations.  

MIKEL provides highly trained  USN fleet operators and civilian engineers to support the testing of Advanced Processing Build Tactical Control, Weapon Control, and Payload Control software. Our experienced operators and Systems Engineers test and evaluate both deployed systems and Technical Insertions(TI’s)/Advanced Processor Builds (APB) that are currently under development. They assist combat system developers in the design, development, and execution of Performance Verification Tests, External Interface tests, and System tests. They also support the USN in the development and execution of Independent tests in the laboratory, at the waterfront, and at-sea. Problems noted during testing and test results are documented in written reports to the USN. 

MIKEL strives to provide high quality, affordable products and services while helping to shape the next generation of Undersea Warfare (USW) systems. Our sponsors include PMS-425 (AN-BYG-1 Combat Control) and PMS-450 (Virginia Class).

As new SONAR technology develops, so does the need to test and validate that technology, at land-based facilities and at-sea. MIKEL has veteran system matter experts in the following core T&E competencies:

    • Land based test planning and execution of SONAR Systems
    • Underway test design, planning, coordination, and scheduling
    • System software and hardware performance verification
    • Reliability, maintainability availability, obsolescence and failure analysis
    • System design certification and acceptance testing
    • Data collection/reduction
    • Post-test re-construction

When issues arise, MIKEL provides In-Service Engineering expertise to resolve those complicated problems with 20+ year veteran engineers and technicians to support:

      • SONAR system troubleshooting (hardware/software)
      • On-site or distance support
      • Component level repair
      • Installation and removal 
      • Training