Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TWCS) and UK Strike Technical Writer


Support NUWC Tomahawk Weapons Control System and UK Strike ILS in any tasks required including:

  • Draft/Update PowerPoint slide packages.
  • Draft/Update/Revise MS Project Schedules/Gant Charts.
  • Coordinate Peer/Technical Review Events.
    • Compile/Update comment spreadsheets.
      • Comments are gathered from multiple government and contractor sources, then complied and distributed to reviewers.
      • Comments are then reviewed/discussed at periodic Validation/Verification events for incorporation into future product versions and revisions.
    • Manage Revisions to updates.
    • Validate Adjudication of Comments.


  • Draft/Update ILS Technical Data Package Document deliverables including:
    • Allowance Parts List (APL).
    • Parts Provisioning List (PPL).
    • Installation Guidance Plan (IGP).
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance.
      • Maintenance Instructions.


  • Provide Oversite to the Development of Technical Documentation (IETM) including:
    • Hardware Technical Manual (HTM)
      • Troubleshooting Principles.
      • Remove/Replace Procedures.
      • Installation/Software Build Procedures.
      • Revising Vendor Source Material to Navy Technical Knowledge.
    • Coordinated Training Node (CTN).
      • Scenario Setup.
      • Scenario Execution.
      • Scenario Reply.
    • Operation Manuals/User’s Guide.


  • Assist with Logistical Fleet Support.
    • Deployed System Configuration Management.
      • Lowest Level Repair (LRU) material tracking.
    • Supply Spares Management.
    • LRU Obsolescence Management.
    • Material Failure Tracking.



  • 2-5 years of relevant work experience required; logistics and/or technical documentation.
  • Work positively in a team environment and take direction from team leads.
  • Maintain delivery schedule in a fast-paced environment.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Complete tasks in a timely manner as required to support upcoming technical manual releases.
  • Maintain high attention to detail to ensure accuracy of data.


Preferred Experience:

  • Navy Logistics and technical documentation.
  • Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TWCS).
  • Experience with Navy Provisioning process and Naval Supply System.
  • Experience with Navy Training Curriculum format and development.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.