MIKEL Innovation Takes Center Stage at Defense Innovation Days

August 26, 2022 | Categories: Blog, News

New England punches above its weight class when it comes to national security and defense.

And so does MIKEL.

As a region that represents a significant portion of the Department of Defense supply chain, and as a company that provides best-in-class products and support to the U.S. Navy, our influence and reach in the industry is on full display for this year’s Defense Innovation Days, sponsored by our friends and partners at SENEDIA.

This national convening of defense industry leaders and national security experts is an annual showcase of not only the current ecosystem, but also the tremendous opportunities for its future. The event attracts hundreds of the most innovative companies and influential voices across the defense landscape, bringing them together in Newport, Rhode Island, for three days of networking, collaboration, and shared learning and growth.



As a SENEDIA member company and a proud sponsor of Defense Innovation Days, MIKEL’s cutting-edge technology will be center stage in the exhibition hall and in conversations between key policymakers, Department of Defense leaders, and our peers in the industry. From our Submerged Acoustic Navigation System (SANS) to the Feature Unified Scoring Engine (FUSE) and emerging applications for our deep ocean scientific equipment, our tech stands out. The U.S. Navy relies on our people and products across our areas of expertise, from cybersecurity to logistics. And for the military leaders who make our country safer, we make their work easier.

That’s a story we’re proud to tell, and we will have the opportunity to do just that to the hundreds of senior defense officials who join the event. They will meet, or in many cases reconnect, with our proud, family-owned organization. They will hear about the dedication of our robust force of more than 200 talented employees that still manage to maintain a close-knit culture. They will get to know a company with a strong female leader in a male dominated industry. They will see up close the work of an innovator with deep roots locally that makes a significant impact on our defense nationally. And they will walk away with a greater understanding of our mission-driven team that sits at the center of undersea technology at a time when protecting our seas and shores has never been more important.

Defense Innovation Days reaffirms the powerful role of New England in maintaining and strengthening our national security. And that strength, power, and potential is possible only through the leadership, creativity, and commitment of companies like MIKEL.